Clovis News 12

Clovis Chronicles - Ep. 2

Giornale Della Vela, agosto 2019

The second of a special series of articles: Clovis Chronicles! Exclusively on Giornale Della Vela.

Clovis News 11

Sailing with Matteo Ponzano and Ibiza Global Radio

Ibiza Global Radio

Sailing on the notes of Music Therapy (Ibiza Global Radio) with Matteo Ponzano!

Clovis News 10

Clovis Chronicles - Ep. 1

Giornale Della Vela, 2019

The first of a special series of articles: Clovis Chronicles! Exclusively on Giornale Della Vela.

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Follow the journey

Remember the first time you saw the sea? The first time you smelled its scent? And the first time you crossed it by boat? The strange feeling of being standing or sitting while the sea flows beneath you. Perhaps those memories are too far and deep to make them re-emerge instantly. It is not a problem because a new "first time" is already on the horizon.

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Clovis Sail Yacht

Born for the Ocean

In 1983, in the French shipyard of Biot, skilled and passionate craftsmen shaped what architect Dominique Presles had designed. It was the magnificent Clovis, an 85 feet ketch rigged sailing yacht. Its aluminium 6060T5 core and high quality components combine technique and elegance into a unique body.

With 30 years of sailing under her belt, Clovis recently underwent a total refit to maintain and enhance her important and unparalleled characteristics, at the same time conforming the sailing yacht to the latest standards of comfort and safety.

The Story
Clovis Sail Yacht Sail Plan

Itineraries 2019

Sail the Balearic Islands

From Ibiza to Formentera, enjoying the beauty of the Balearic Sea. Every year the Balearic Islands attract millions of tourists. Clovis offers you its own way of living a different holiday here: a relaxing and "balanced" journey, right in the world capital of fun and excess. You go to the rediscovery of the Balearics navigating through different destinations to give a new and 360° look at this beautiful archipelago.

Clovis Sail Yacht Sailing Balearic Islands Map

Live an unforgettable experience

Get on board to experience navigation like you've never done before. Clovis is an idea able to float and move, an attitude able to be pushed by the wind, a sailing philosophy able to achieve high performance, in perfect balance with the marine ecosystem. Relaxation and fun with awareness and respect, because it is only in this way that a holiday becomes an unforgettable experience. An indelible memory that will change forever the meaning and the idea that the word "sea" calls to your mind. Your new "first time" with the sea.

Life on board
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